Testimonials: (used with permission)

– Douglas E. Brinley, Author & Editor of 16 Books, Former BYU Professor of Religion- “In this program You will quickly learn and apply eternal principles and concepts that would normally take years and years to acquire with a professional therapist.”  

– Lucas J. Reynolds, Co-Author Like Dragons Did They Fight- “Learning these principles changed how I see the world. Spiritually it is like the first day I got glasses: I walked out of the optometrist office and couldn’t believe how much I had been missing. Frequently I thank God I found these principles which unveiled a beautiful, peaceful view of the world I didn’t know existed.”

– Eric Dowdle, Artist, Television & Radio Host- “This program is a fresh take on core eternal principles taught for daily application but on steroids.”

– Judy Gilmore, Homemaker- “This method has taught me how to get rid of misperceptions that caused despair and sadness. I now am experiencing that ‘happiness is the object and design of our existence.”

– Markham McReynolds, Therapist- “I’ve been studying the gospel and personal development my entire adult life but have not seen anything as life changing as ‘Becoming Spiritually Centered.”

– Jennifer, Homemaker & Registered Nurse- “This program has helped me better understand the power and importance of looking at all of life using a spiritual focus. I strongly believe anyone who is willing to do what this course teaches will experience what I did: a life transformation and blessings unimagined.”

– Marianne, Homemaker & Photographer- “This program has been heaven-sent. Over the past three to four years as life’s responsibilities have multiplied, I’ve felt a growing need to change. I wanted to live each day closer to the Spirit, and to my Heavenly Father and Savior. I was feeling lost in the fray of life, and overwhelmed with it all. I longed to understand how to daily apply the Atonement, and how to have the blessing of standing with confidence before my Father in Heaven. I have learned all that and more!  I feel God’s love and approval in my life greater than I ever have before. I see others with more love, even when they are acting in unlovable ways. The daily peace and direction I’m feeling is the greatest indicator of the blessing this course has been to me.”

– Brooklyn, Homemaker & School Teacher- “… It is not a stretch to say, the program has totally changed my life. I have a clearer understanding of who I am and how my Heavenly Father feels about me. I view enticements and trials with more gratitude and humility than ever before. I see these experiences as part of my unique individualized curriculum, specifically designed to teach me how to be centered in Christ. I have learned that repentance means turning to Christ and walking in the light. It is difficult to express in words the positive change I have experienced…”

– Sharon, Retired School Teacher- “I learned to apply eternal concepts and principles to help me live in the present each day.”

– Chuck Miller, Life Coach- “’Becoming Spiritually Centered’ totally opened up my eyes spiritually! I am now able to see enticements in life as opportunities for spiritual growth. I also learned the tools to root gospel truths into my very core.”

– Janette, Energy Worker & Life Coach- “I am only halfway through the program, but already I feel I have more self worth and clarity in my life. It is easy to understand and is centered on gospel principles.”

– Tammy, Homemaker- “This program transformed my life.  It taught me how to apply gospel principles in a personal way.  I now have a greater relationship with Heavenly Father, an increased ability to feel the spirit and more peace in times of stress.”