Becoming CHRIST Centered

Seminars/Workshops Testimonials

And OVERCOMING the World!

Seminars/Workshops Testimonials


“Becoming CHRIST Centered” is a proven, eternal-principles based program and seminar series that has helped individuals and attendees to SEE, THINK, FEEL and DO more like the Savior.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand and feel your worth regardless of your mistakes
  • Live in the present and recognize you’re on the path to exaltation
  • Use all your daily experiences for spiritual growth
  • Enjoy and make each day worthwhile regardless of any situation
  • Turn emotional and physical trials into spiritual experiences

The seminars will teach you to recognize habits of thinking, called “Thought-Patterns” or “Paradigms” that are keeping you from being Christ-Centered. You will also learn four mind-opening eternal steps of real change.

As you learn and apply the concepts, principles, techniques and the method of this program, life will become worthwhile, exciting, enjoyable and your hope to be raised unto Eternal Life will increase.